Feed The Nation


Feed The Nation is a registered PBO that provides food assistance to the most vulnerable in our country. To date, FTN has helped feed schoolchildren, people living in shelters, aged-care facilities, orphanages and under-served communities, all of whom are experiencing severe hardship in this ongoing crisis.

We were tasked with documenting the organization’s efforts to provide critical relief in times of crisis. Specifically, aiding the recent unrest and destruction that took place in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.


We were able to film 2 events in the area which allowed us to experience the delivery and packing of the individual food parcels as well as the distribution of such parcels to those in need.

The aim of the video was to highlight the previous occurrences in the area but with the aim to add hope to the viewers and show that how South Africans can unite and work together to change the world and attempt to fix what had previously been broken.

The video saw a great response from the client in the form of tears of joy which in our books, means a job done well.




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