Moondance Villa & Suites


Moondance Villa & Suites is a luxury villa in Cape Town that focuses on the finer things in life. A beautiful villa on the edge of a mountain overlooking the coast. Moondance offers spectacular views, luxurious comfort and an all inclusive holiday in Cape Town.

Previously fixed with a website that lacked flow, structure and above all, it didn’t reflect the sheer excellence that is Moondance. Our aim was to create a website that reflected the magnificent architecture and space one can expect at Moondance on a digital platform. This idea would assist in giving the viewer a taste of what to expect when they visit Moondance Villa & Suites.


Our inspiration came from the word, journey. We designed around the word as our aim was to make the viewer feel as if they were being invited into the villa. We created a sleek colour pallet, loosened up the type and rearranged the user flow to reduce unnecessary and repetitive pages.

The final outcome was a beautiful yet functional website that reflected the the physical journey one would experience when at Moondance Villa & Suites, on a digital platform. We now manage both the website and social media full time.

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