We were tasked with the challenge of filming and producing a teaser video for a drive-in art exhibition. With social distancing in mind, the South African Friends of the Israeli Museum (SAFIM) decided to hold a fundraiser art auction whereby individuals could drive into an empty parking lot and view various collections of artworks, place bids on the spot and gain a better understanding of what they would be seeing on the live auction which was taking place that night.


We were asked to create a short video showcasing the day of the drive in exhibition. This video would be played before the live auction commenced on the evening of the exhibition. Time was of the essence as the exhibition began at 11am and the auction began at 5:30pm that evening. This therefore meant we were extremely pushed for time and we had to have a clear plan in place to ensure everything went smoothly and we could deliver the finished product on time.

The idea behind the video was to showcase the drive-through exhibition from start to end. We planned to show the viewers scenes from the moment the car enters the exhibition and the journey the viewer experienced throughout there morning. All of which was going to be filmed from the perspective of the individual as well as from outside of the vehicle. The video would also showcase the live acts and happy mood that was to be had at the event.

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