Stonehaven Eco Cabins & Farm


Stonehaven is self-catering accommodation based in the Hemel en Aarde Valley who tasked us with creating a website that reflected the beautiful area in which Stonehaven is located in as well as the three unique Eco Cabins available for rent on the farm.


The final product saw us create a beautiful website that allows the viewer to easily navigate through the website, read about  the farm and how to get there as well as select the best Eco Cabin for them.

Each Eco-Cabin was had its own web page that showcased the amenities on offer, the rates and images of the specific cabin. This equipped the viewer to read through the website and make an informed decision as to which cabin they would prefer to stay at and book.

The website is linked to an external booking system which allowed us to simply link each “Book Now” button to its respective web page on the booking system.

The Client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the website and has since seen an incredibly high conversion rate increase which is great to see!

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