The Point Mall


We were tasked to improve and upgrade the digital real estate for the Point Mall Shopping Centre, a wellness and lifestyle destination that redefines what you expect from shopping malls in Sea Point, Cape Town.

The Point aims to be a single point where you can do it all whether it is meeting up with friends for coffee, enjoying an invigorating workout at one of South Africa’s premier gyms, and grabbing your groceries on the way out.

The brief instructed us to reflect on the high-quality experience that The Point provides while fixing the issue of not being able to locate merchants on the website. This inspired us to create a website that reflected all the incredible things that this space offers and how it is available under one roof.


We looked to all the merchants based out of the centre and looked to categorise them based on their offering. This would enable the viewer to see which merchants they can expect to find at The Point based on the category they are interested in. This resulted in us creating five different categories for the respective merchants (Taste, active, wellness, essentials & business).

Once identifying your category, you will then be shown the full list of applicable merchants. Not only will you see which merchants are at The Point, but you will also see their operating house, exact location within the mall, contact options and a brief description of all 72 merchants within the mall.

This largest challenge was figuring out the most effective way to display all of the information without overwhelming the viewer and the backend of the website. Overall, we managed to create and implement an extremely responsive website that offers all the necessary information a potential customer can expect when landing upon this website.

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